How to check null value in flow salesforce Nov 22, 2013 · This means that I need to validate each of these fields with something like this: E-Mail != NULL || Phone-Number != NULL Unfortunately, my google searching has led me to believe that the functions ISNULL and ISBLANK don't work in visual workflow validation, and otherwise I can't seem to figure out how to construct this conditional. In this case we set those to "Set Account Name" and "Set_Account_Name". . . If the object is unintialized, it would point to null. A batch process runs one matching rule at a time, and is available for users on 'Performance' and 'Unlimited' editions of Salesforce. new era funeral home holcomb ms . . . . . A field is not considered “empty” if it contains a character, blank space, or zero. can i take ibuprofen with metoprolol com/roelvandepaarWith th. b>